Fertiliser Catalyst

Crop Aid+ – Liquid Fertiliser Catalyst


Crop Aid+ is a biochemical fertiliser catalyst that helps growers enhance the performance of fertilisers in the soil system.

  • Improve plant performance
  • Enhance fertiliser efficiency

How does it work?

Crop Aid+ improves the availability and uptake of nutrients from fertilisers and soil nutrient sources. It also increases root size and branching, so that more of the root system can take up nutrients and water. Roots also respond to Crop Aid+ by directly increasing nutrient uptake, and by influencing plant-microbe interactions in the soil to make nutrients more available to the plant.

How do I apply the product?

Crop Aid+ is compatible with most fertilisers (liquid and dry), herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, It can be easily incorporated into a grower’s current fertiliser program – without requiring product-specific equipment.