Precision Technology: Microtrak Systems

Greenline is the Australian distributor for Micro-Trak controllers

Increased Precision = Increased Yields


Micro-Trak manufacture a wide range of controllers for sprayers, liquid fertiliser, granular spreading, shaft monitoring, GPS speed sensors, seed drills, seed planters, NH3 liquifiers, road maintenance
and sod harvesting.

Grain Drill Seed Rate Controller

Accuracy like you’ve never experienced before...

  • Maximize yields by consistently achieving target seed rate
  • with smooth, stable hydraulic drive
  • Eliminates erratic ground-wheel drive
  • No more adjusting chains and sprockets to change seed rate
  • Designed to control rate on the go -- able to regulate up to 3 sections simultaneously
  • Plant with assurance as DrillMaster™ monitors your seeding process -- notifies you immediately if a drive chain breaks
  • or comes off
  • VRA seeding capability
  • Simple to calibrate, and take right to the paddock.

If performance, reliability and versatility are what you are looking for, look no further.

Improving productivity and your bottom line has never been this easy!

SprayMate Plus

Versatile Rate Control

Compact in size, yet packed with all the powerful rate control and calculating features you’ve come to expect from Micro-Trak. Built to fit your changing needs with flexible system options like PWM control and three-way section valves. We’ve also added special features to ensure quick valve response to changes in vehicle motion; helps minimise disappointing under-applications. Rest assured that valuable console information is secure by using the “Supervisor Lock-Out” feature to prevent deletion of critical calibration figures and data.


GPS Speed Sensors

A highly accurate and affordable replacement for magnetic wheel speed sensors or radar guns. Connects with ease to most brands of monitors and controllers. Two models to choose from: the economical Astro™ II (1 Hz), or super-fast Astro™ 5 (5 Hz).

  • Boost productivity and efficiency by putting powerful GPS technology to work for you
  • Flexible mounting options and compact size make the Astro™ a clear choice; easily transfer it from one vehicle to another
  • Rugged design consistently performs in tough paddock conditions; unaffected by dust, vibration, and changes in crop canopy.